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The photographs taken at the IWIPS 2005 conference are now up.

IWIPS 2005 will be located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Throughout history, the Netherlands has functioned as a gateway to Europe and the Dutch people have been known for their skills in international commerce. As such, Amsterdam will once again be the setting of international collaboration and facilitate sharing of knowledge on research and development of product for international use. IWIPS is a unique event at which industry professionals, academics and others have access to cutting edge information on issues concerning the development of products and systems for an international and intercultural use. This year's conference is focused on the possibilities for technology to transcend cultural boundaries and the unique challenges that are involved in developing products for a global marketplace.

IWIPS 2005 will feature a variety of presentations, breakout sessions and social events to facilitate both international networking and information exchange.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Geert Hofstede
Prof. Geert Hofstede conducted perhaps the most comprehensive study of how values in the workplace are influenced by culture.

Dr. Pat W. Jordan
Dr. Patrick W. Jordan is an international design and marketing consultant, author and professional speaker. His methods and ideas have influenced the design of many of the products that we find in our homes, cities and workplaces.
Keynote abstract (doc).

Anne Kirah
Anne Kirah serves as a design anthropologist for MSN. Kirah leads field and laboratory research, including national and international projects, to meet the needs of people in their everyday lives when technology affords the answer.

IWIPS 2005 conference organization:
Conference Chair:
Vanessa Evers

Paper Chair:
Elisa del Galdo

Proceedings Editor:
Donald Day

Local Committee:
Victor de Boer
Henriette Cramer
Laurens Ekkel
Brechtje Daams
Mattijs Ghijsen
Spencer de Groot
Dhaval Vyas
Femke de Wit

International committee:
Donald Day
Brenda Hall
Deb Webb
Andre Pellet
Robert Gilham