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Contact and Credits

Contact and Credits

Key Contacts for IWIPS 2005:

For further information about the conference please contact either:

Conference Chair
Vanessa Evers
Email: v.evers@uva.nl
Tel: +31 20 8884689

For further information about P&SI please contact:

P&SI Secretary
Robert Gilmore
Email: robg@amber-light.co.uk

or visit the P&SI main web site.

Credit List for IWIPS 2005:

Our international team has made substantial contributions to the development of IWIPS 2005. Listed below by role, name, and association are:

Conference Chair and Program Co-Chair
Vanessa Evers, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Reviews Editor
Elisa Del Galdo, User Experience Consultant, Optimum Web Ltd., UK

Proceedings Editor
Donals Day, President, Product & Systems Internationalisation Inc., USA

Conference Promotion
Andre Pellet, President, Mē Limited, USA

Website Design
Femke de Wit, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Past, Current and Future IWIPS Chairs

1999 - Girish Prabhu (U.S.) and Elisa del Galdo (U.K.)
2000 - Donald Day (U.S.)
2001 - Lynne Dunckley (U.K.)
2002 - Brenda Hall (U.S.)
2003 - Pia Honold and Kerstin Roese (Germany)
2004 - Dianne Cyr (Canada)
2005 - Vanessa Evers (the Netherlands)
2006 - Masaki Kurosu

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings are available from previous years. To purchase past proceedings contact Brenda Hall at brenda.hall@austintest.com and cite the relevant ISBN as noted below.

1999 - 0-9722184-2-4
2000 - 0-9722184-3-2
2001 - 0-7492-53258
2002 - 0-9722184-0-8
2003 - 0-9722184-1-6
2004 - 0-9722184-4-0