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A vibrant, cosmopolitan city, Amsterdam has been an important center of European cultural life since the 17th century. Among the influential figures who lived or worked in the city are the painters Rembrandt and Jacob van Ruisdael, the writers Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft, Gerbrand Bredero, and Joost van Vondel and philosophers Spinoza and Descartes, whose major works were often first published in Amsterdam. In the 20th century the art movements De Stijl and Cobra were centered in Amsterdam.
Electric trams provide public transportation within the city, and a modern commuter train and tram system connects to the greater metropolitan area. Bicycles are a widely used form of transportation and private automobiles are restricted in the city center.

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Amsterdam is The Netherlands' second largest port, after Rotterdam, and it is linked to the North Sea and to other European countries by a network of railways, highways, and canals. The Schiphol Airport outside Amsterdam is one of Europe"s busiest, and it continues to be expanded. This makes Amsterdam the perfect location to start your holiday tour of the Netherlands or Europe!


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