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Vancouver You are invited to attend the Sixth Annual International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Systems (IWIPS 2004), to be held 8 -10 July 2004 in Vancouver, Canada. This forum promotes an enhanced awareness of globalisation and localisation issues. This year the conference theme is Culture, Trust and Design Innovation. This theme signals attention to the important role of design in building trust in online environments across cultures. The emphasis of the conference is on practical issues and solutions, as well as on knowledge sharing about leading edge research.

What Is IWIPS?

IWIPS is an interdisciplinary forum of professionals from industry, academia and government working to internationalise products and systems. It is unique in that it appeals to a variety of delegates working in various areas of internationalisation, supporting the effective transfer of information and technology. IWIPS is organized by a not-for-profit corporation, Product & Systems Internationalisation, Inc. (P & SI), based in the United States (EIN 38-3653207).

What Shall I Get Out of IWIPS?

IWIPS is a highly interactive forum, including presented papers (research and case study), breakout sessions and invited keynote speakers. However, it also provides delegates with the opportunity to develop their skills further by attending internationalisation and localisation tutorials presented by leaders from industry and academia. The size of the workshop (approximately 150 delegates) and its format facilitate networking with colleagues from around the world, including the exchange of stimulating ideas and practical tips.

Is IWIPS Truly International?

Yes. Costs to delegates are kept as low as possible, to ensure that those from overseas or without substantial institutional or corporate support can attend. Since its beginning in 1999, IWIPS has attracted delegates from more than 29 countries and six continents.

Why Is IWIPS Relevant?

An understanding of the wide variety of internationalisation issues addressed at IWIPS is directly relevant to success in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing commercial products and systems overseas. In the future, abstracts from presentations at past IWIPS workshops will be available on the P & SI website (www.iwips.org).

What Is the Conference Structure?
  • Paper presentations and case studies
  • Invited talks from international experts and key authors
  • Breakout discussion sessions
  • A panel discussion
  • Networking opportunities during breaks, an opening reception and a dinner cruise on Vancouver harbour.
  • What Are the Key Topics At This Year's IWIPS?
  • Culture and Web design
  • Trust development in online environments
  • Research methods in localisation and internationalisation
  • Frameworks and methodologies for international product development
  • User interface and Web internationalisation
  • Technical communication for a global audience
  • Culture and mobile devices
  • Policies, strategies and trends in globalisation and design
  • Design and emotions in a global marketplace
  • Skills and support tools for globalisation development
  • Theory, methods, and assessment techniques for product and system evaluation

What Are the Past, Present and Future of IWIPS?

In years past, IWIPS has been held in New York State, Maryland, the UK, Texas, and Berlin. This year, the conference convenes in Vancouver. In 2005, IWIPS will be held in Amsterdam (for details, contact Vanessa Evers (evers@swi.psy.uva.nl).

Where Can I Find Additional Information about IWIPS?

Additional details about IWIPS may be found at www.iwips.org