IWIPS 2004
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IWIPS - Comments of participants

General feedback from participants

"I really enjoyed the conference & have been given lots of food for thought."
"Gave very much new ideas"
"Congratulations to the very well organized congress! Go, team, go! Would be great to find the pictures taken at the website! Thanks"

Material & Facilities

"Good. Excellent support from Pia & Kerstin both before & during the conference - Thank you & well done!"
"The proceedings is well designed. Perhaps conference T-shirt is not a bad idea."
"Very good and helpful"

IWIPS dinner

"Very good choice of restaurant, fun! Convenient transport arrangements."
"Great job! Fun and social well organized"
"Very nice opportunity to socialize!"

Presentations & Tutorials

"great presentation; interesting insights."
"Very interesting topic! More case studies of this kind appreciated!"
"Interesting research in progress"
"very relevant"
"Interesting to see how the exercises did turn out - surprisingly good!"
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