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Keynote N. Hoft
Keynote S. Dray
Keynote P. O'Sullivan
Tutorial S. Dray
Tutorial N. Hoft
Tutorial A. Marcus
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IWIPS 2004
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Program - Overview
5th Annual International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Systems
(IWIPS 2003)

The following table provides an outline of the planned program:

Thursday, 17 of July 2003
09.00h - 17.00h Tutorial 1:
Susan Dray
Dray & Associates, Inc.

"Usable for the world: A practical guide to international user studies"
Tutorial 2: canceled
Nancy Hoft
Nancy Hoft Consulting
"Writing and Designing for an International Audience"
Tutorial 3:
Aaron Marcus
Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc.

"Cross-Cultural Communication in User-Interface Design for Work, Home, Play, and On the Way"
18.00h - 21.00h Welcome Reception
Friday, 18 of July 2003
09.00h Welcome
09.15h - 10.00h Keynote:
Bert Esselink
Coffee Break
10.30h - 12.00h
P 1.1:
"Multilingual Challenges"
P 1.2:
"International Design Patterns & Design Guidelines"
Lunch Break
13.00h - 14.00h
P 2.1:
"Mobile Applications"
P 2.2:
"Case-Studies 1"
Break (without coffee or tea)
14.15h - 15.15h
P 3.1:
"Methods and Processes"
P 3.2:
"International Usability"
Coffee Break
15.45h - 16.30h Keynote:
Susan Dray
16.30h - 16.45h Presentation: PS&I
16.45h - 17.30h Member Meeting and Election
18.00h - 20.00h City Tour (optional)
20.00h IWIPS Dinner (Deponie No 3, an old fashion Berlin restaurant, buffet)
Saturday, 19 of July 2003
09.00h - 09.45h Keynote:
Patrick O'Sullivan
Coffee Break
10.15h - 11.15h Panel discussion
11.15h - 11.30h IWIPS 2004
Coffee Break
12.00h - 13.00h
Breakout Session 1 Breakout Session 2
Lunch Break
14.00h - 15.30h
P 4.1:
"e-business and web applications"
P 4.2:
"Case-Studies 2"
Coffee Break
15.30h - 16.00h Good bye and thanks to the sponsors
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