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Bert Esselink
Lionbridge Technologies
Bert Esselink is a globalization consultant for Lionbridge Technologies and has been active in multilingual publishing projects for over a decade. After graduating in technical translation in Maastricht (Netherlands) and doing coursework in computational linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, he worked for several years as a localization specialist and consultant for various localization service providers.
Bert has been involved in all aspects of the localisation industry and his knowledge is drawn from the many customer interactions and implementations he has experienced. Bert's consulting expertise is in the field of product globalisation strategy, best practices and process optimisation, linguistic & technical quality assurance, multilingual content management, and translation technologies.
The second edition of his book, A Practical Guide to Localization, was published in September 2000 by John Benjamins Publishing Company, and is used widely throughout the localization industry. The book is also used extensively as a text book at universities teaching classes in localization or technical translation.
From 2001 to 2003 Bert was one of the editors-in-chief of Language International, the magazine for language industry professionals, and he has recently started work as contributing editor for Multilingual Computing & Technology magazine.
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