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5th Annual International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Systems
(IWIPS 2003)

Product Developers, Global Marketing Managers, Researchers, Academics, HF and Usability Specialists

You are invited to attend the Fifth Annual International Workshop on the Internationalisation of Products and Systems (IWIPS2003) at Berlin, Germany. Plan now to come in July 2003 to network with colleagues on globalisation and localization in industry, government and academia. The IWIPS workshop series aims to promote awareness of the problems facing international industry, and their implications for research and development. In addition to the presentation of papers and case studies, as well as the availability of tutorials, the workshop provides a venue for meetings, discussion of results and cooperation at an international level. The Workshop is organized to maximize the exchange of information and ideas among a delegation from across the globe. Participants will leave with more knowledge and skills in the area of product and software internationalisation, and a network of colleagues who are focused on the issues that globalisation creates for the design and production of products and systems.

Workshop Structure

  • Paper Presentations and Corporate Case Studies
  • Invited talks from international experts and key authors
  • Breakout discussion sessions
  • Panel discussions
Papers and Case Studies may include the following topics:
  • Culture-aware Engineering
  • Theories and new approaches of culture-aware design
  • Coding and Programming for a global audience
  • Technical Communication for a global audience
  • Culture and Web design
  • Design and Emotions in a global marketplace
  • Culture and Mobile Devices
  • Ethnographic methods in product development
  • Intercultural Design for Children
  • Culture and Strategies for problem solving and work
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