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Program - Tutorial 1
"Usable for the world: A practical guide to international user studies"

Susan M. Dray
Dray & Associates, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN USA

This class will equip you to plan and carry out user studies in a culture outside your own. Heavy emphasis is on the practical steps involved in planning, since this is so critical. You will practice planning steps and see a video of user testing in Hong Kong.

  • Learn about how to plan an international user study including:
    • how to prepare your organization for an international user study
    • how to modify a study to fit cultural constraints
    • how to find and prepare the location
    • how to train the team and prepare yourself
  • Identify what to expect on-site and after you return
  • Practice planning a user study


This class is aimed at people with experience doing user studies in their own country, which want to learn how to conduct such studies in other countries and/or cultures. This is intended to be a very practical session, intended primarily for practitioners, with links to academic work as appropriate.

Instructor's Background

Susan Dray is a consultant who works with clients to help them understand for their users - wherever and whoever they may be. She has worked in 16 countries, using user-centered methods including usability evaluation and ethnography. This class is based on her practical experience over 20 years.

Susan has a doctorate in Psychology from UCLA, is a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and an active member of the SIGCHI community. She is business column editor for interactions magazine.

Website: Dray & Associates, Inc.

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