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One-Day Tutorials at iwips 2001. Thursday 12th July 2001

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Enabling users to accept and effectively operate products and services developed for an increasingly globalized market is the concern of a growing community with interests in the concepts of internationalisation (I18N) and localization (L10N). From computer interfaces to interactive entertainment systems, packaging to consumer manufacture the community struggles to accommodate the impact of cultural differences of the target audiences. This concerns the fundamental usability of a wide variety of products and systems.

Two one day tutorials are being held on Thursday 12th July. Details are provided below. Please note, registration for these tutorials is separate from the iwips 2001 registration.

list of tutorials

Tutorial 1


Usable for the world:  A practical guide to international user studies

Learn how to plan an international user study including: How to prepare your organization for an international user study

Tutorial conducted by Susan M. Dray, Dray & Associates, Inc.

Tutorial 2




Software Internationalisation for Web Applications

Today's $43 billion B2B Internet transactions are expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2003. And, according to the experts, the Internet's non-English speaking community will rise to 70% in 2005. Despite this growth many of the internationalisation techniques learned over the years have not been applied to web based systems. This tutorial will address internationalisation of web based systems using the lessons learned from traditional software development.

Tutorial conducted by Rian Emrick, VP of technology, J & A Global, Inc.

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If you would like to conduct a tutorial during the conference, please contact the iwips 2001 Webmaster at the address below.

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